From box to fitted in 58 seconds. ‘Free time’ with every hinge. You’re welcome.

The ProSecure high security hinge has taken the market by storm. It is the fastest hinge to fit on the market & the only one-piece hinge that can be fitted directly from the box.

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Secured by Design approved. This high security hybrid hinge has been designed and engineered to combine the strength of a flag hinge with the support attributes of a butt hinge.

The ProSecure hinge incorporates a number of new and patented features including ‘Glider’ technology, effortless front adjustment & even a rubber tongue.

Virtually jigless, it just needs two holes to be pre-drilled in the frame. The hinge has 2 fitting options – slide-on or front-fit. The first allows the fabricator to slide the whole hinge into position, pivot open the clever captive hinge lid and screw the concealed fixing datum directly to the sash.

The second fitting option, which is crucial for doors being fitted into low reveals, allows the hinge to be front-fitted by installers by simply removing the steel hinge pin.

There is also a patented adjustment feature for fast and simple installation. +/-5mm lateral adjustment is carried out from the front rather than from the side, as with other hinges. The process is simplified by pivoting the sash cover open and turning the 4mm Allen key 90º.  The adjusted position can be ‘locked’ into place to prevent adjustment creep.

For final refinement, full 3 dimensional adjustment can be achieved from the top of the hinge – vertical (+5mm) and compression (+/-1mm).

Available in 13 suited finishes

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Satin Chrome

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