/ Hero TBT Handle

Simply does the job.

Hide the screws with the power of the invisible screw cover caps.

Heroically Intelligent.

The Hero™ TBT handle combines simple, clean aesthetics with intelligent features including our design registered edge-to-edge screw cover cap and is suitable for TBT and TNT applications.


Modern design

‘T’ Marks the Top

‘T’ embossed on the rose beneath the screw cap indicates TBT operation when positioned at the ‘top’

Key Locking

Lockable in all 3 positions – closed, tilt and turn – for added safety


5 fully suited finishes

Clever Cover Caps

Our design registered slide-on is quick and easy to fit. The cover cap clips into place and its ‘invisible’ design enhances aesthetics

Positive Engagement

The button clicks into position through all 3 lever rotations


50kg lever pull test for durability


Tested to 50,000 cycles for operational reliability

Corrosion Resistant

Tested to 240 hours salt spray for weather resistance

/ Police Preferred Specification

Independently tested to PAS 24 for enhanced security and Secured by Design approved.

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/ Handle Operation

Positive engagement and lockable in all three positions.

1. Locked
2. Tilt

/ Market-leading Guarantees

10 Year Mechanical Operation

Performance tested to PAS24: 2016 including 50,000 cycles under load for operation reliability and 50kg lever pull test for durability.

Terms and conditions apply.

10 Year Painted Surface

Salt spray tested to BSEN 1670, 240 hours, for weather resistance.

Terms and conditions apply.

BSEN 1670

This standard specifies the requirements for the corrosion resistance of building hardware for doors, windows, shutters and curtain walling.

It provides a method of classification of corrosion resistance of building hardware based on performance in a neutral salt spray test.

Secured by Design

The Official Police Security Initiative for designing out crime. This product is a Police Preferred Specification and is Secured by Design (SBD) approved.

/ 5 Fully Coordinated Finishes

Polished Gold
Polished Chrome
Smooth Satin Chrome

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