Xpert Tools

449 Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It Cutting Tools XPERT TOOLBOX SAW Replacement blades designed to fit all standard retractable and fixed blade utility knives. •0.6mm hardened steel •Supplied in handy plastic safety dispenser •Available in packs of 10 or 100 The Xpert Toolbox Saw is fine toothed with 16TPI to give a smooth cut in a wide variety of wood based materials, aluminium, plastics and laminates. •Ergonomic plastic handle •Size: 14” •16PPI PART NUMBERS PART NUMBERS Description Utility Knife Blades (10pk) BLDCT09 Utility Knife Blades (100pk) BLDCT10 Description Xpert Toolbox Saw SAW90004 REPLACEMENT BLADES FOR UTILITY KNIFE