Coronavirus Update: Unprecedented times

These are unprecedented times and we are all facing business and personal challenges which were unimaginable just a few weeks ago.

However, having seen how our own team and our supply partners in China have coped with the Coronavirus outbreak since it began there in January, there are useful lessons for us all in terms of strictly adhering to government advice and, at the same time, focusing on trying to deliver as normal a service as possible. Their incredible efforts mean that Mila experienced no major interruptions to supply even in the worst of the crisis in China, and we have plenty of stock in our warehouse for the coming weeks and months.

In terms of what Mila is doing now in the UK, the entire team here is absolutely committed to trying to support our customers in exactly the same way. Of course, we are following all government guidance to ensure that we keep our teams and our customers safe, but we have taken a series of steps to make sure that our products and support services remain available.

As you can see from the update posted on the home page, as many of our staff as possible are now working from home. However, all of the usual Mila telephone lines and email addresses are being effectively diverted, so that customers can contact any one of us exactly as normal. Our sales team are still on the usual +353 1 839 0402 number and at the address, and we are still providing a next day delivery service thanks to our warehouse team who remain on site to pick, pack and despatch orders and our freight partner which is continuing to deliver.

Obviously, we will be making only essential visits to customers for the foreseeable future to provide technical support, but the entire Mila team is on standby to provide any additional help that we can.

I’ll be posting here regularly with updates. In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any questions and let’s hope we can work together to get through this crisis.