Xpert Tools

454 Mila Sales +353 (0) 1 839 0402 DIGITAL ANGLE FINDER Glass Tools XPERT GLAZING SHOVEL The Xpert Glazing Shovel is designed for effective ‘toeing and heeling’ glazed windows. •Manufactured from robust ABS plastic •68mm wide blade •255mm length •Red gloss finish PART NUMBERS Description Glass Glazing Shovel (Red) GLS830002 The Digital Angle Finder has a clear LCD display with digital screen for easy reading. •Aluminium fixing blade on the front can be locked at any angle •4 locking holes allow angles from 0-220° with a resolution of 0.05° •Removing the locking knob increases measuring range to up to 360° •Simple operation with auto shut off after 5 minutes •Built in spirit level •3v Lithium battery included PART NUMBER Description Digital Angle Finder DAF10000 4 locking holes Fixing blade