Coronavirus Update: Staying Positive

I said in last week’s Coronavirus update that it was difficult to look too far ahead in this crisis and, sadly, I’ve been proved right. At the time of writing, there are now 39 confirmed cases in the UK, and big news for this industry that Fensterbau has been, at the very least, postponed.

While we’re obviously waiting to see what emergency powers the government will impose to try to contain the spread here, it will be interesting to see how obedient the British public proves to be in the face of those; and whether we’re still a nation which ‘Keeps Calm and Carries On’.

Obviously, in China, it’s public obedience, combined with strict crackdowns on travel and mass gatherings, which do seem to be having a positive effect. The crisis there is far from over, but the number of confirmed cases continues to fall and we’re still getting fairly positive reports from our team in China in relation to our suppliers.

As I have said previously, we now have around 80% of our suppliers open and working again, although there are no signs as yet of any travel restrictions being lifted or public places being reopened.

However, at the moment, we still have plenty of stock in Ireland (12 weeks at current order levels) and we have had confirmation that additional shipments are already on their way to us.

I will continue to post updates as I receive them, but customers can be reassured that our team in China are in daily contact with suppliers and, if things continue as they are in the country, there are no indications that we will experience any major interruptions to supply.

We have adopted a policy of absolute transparency with customers throughout this crisis, so if you have any queries or comments, please get in touch.